Friday, January 18, 2013


I made it safely home!
I know everyone was sitting on their seat SUPER worried about my safe travels! (ha!)
today was eventful..

work was busy (yay!)
but our new computer system stresses me out to the MAX.. I feel like a new kid but I've been there for almost TWO YEARS..


13 days away from seeing D and I could not be any more excited (he's finally allowing himself to show emotions so I now know he is excited too lol)

I got my nails done.. went to I'm hanging out at my house

FINALLY I got to see Les Miserables

obsessed with the song "Do You Hear The People Sing"

pretty cool film!

waking up at 6 am is starting to hit me..
but I have full intentions on waking up to watch Nick Santino (from A Rocket To The Moon) sing to me via the computer at 10 am while I lay in bed (so I kinda get to say Nick sang to me in my room) lol!!!
I'm excited!
Private concert with 49 other people (pretty cool!)

Anyway I'm out

stay golden

peace & love

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