Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Funday (ha)

Well hi there!!
 as you can see my day has been filled with the excitement of a new candle & health food!
I also am starting to drift into my "Belle" character (Beauty and the Beast) my nose is ALWAYS in a book..but sadly it's for school not for pleasure! However, I am starting to become bffs with my new Kindle Fire HD so that's awesome!
Anyway this is a busy week & I am kinda glad! Lots of reading and a paper due this week then a test next Thursday! Then a reward of seeing D! Thank goodness!

His Falcons lost today so his fweelings are hurted. :( poor phing.
but the rest of his birthday gifts came in so I am relieved.. hopefully he will like one of them.. lol

I am off to read more of my book..

have a great rest of your Sunday!

peace & love

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