Tuesday, January 22, 2013


today was not good.
I was greeted with not so great news about my weight this morning when I got on the scale..
I hate to admit this but I cried the whole way to class.
D couldn't say anything right.. even though I know he was trying.

Why is it that after one week of dieting I expect it to just all fall off and me see instant results?
Probably because I have been STARVING for the past week..and instead of losing weight I GAINED IT. how in the free world does that happen!?

It's ok. I'm over it now..but my goodness today was such a rough day..and all the skinny people decided to come to class/walk in front of me all day.

Dieting is tough..but after a very drawn out conversation with D I have decided to keep it up even though he insist that it is stupid for me to be doing it to begin with.

In other news my little brothers car was keyed in the high school parking lot today..with a not very nice word written on it...my mom is ready to pounce..I have never heard her in such a "mom mode" tone before about Z.. and I wasn't even the one who did it. Lord help the kids that did.

Anyway.. prayers & strength are getting me through to D's birthday (9 more days)

hope everyone had a better day than the one I just witnessed 
but you know what Eric Hutchinson says, "you gotta hit rock bottom if you want to come out on top"

so here goes nothing, dusting myself off and climbing to the top.

I'll let y'all know how it goes.

stay golden.
peace & love

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