Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 2

soo today was not only freezing & rainy outside but it was also awkward day for A..

let me tell ya.. I was scoring major points on the awkward scale..

1st-my stomach was growling SO LOUD in my second class today & it would not stop (and of course the class was SILENT!)
2nd- my professor asked us to go around the room and say our names..well it got to my row and I thought there were only 2 people in front of me..but there was actually 3 and I COMPLETELY cut off the girl before me by shouting my name...gah...
3rd - I saw a high school friend while walking home and there was a boy in front of him so I waved to my friend but the boy in front of him waved to me too..lol..

so that is my rainy awkward day story for y'all.. just so I have proof the next time someone tries to tell me I'm not awkward.

D had the same problem last week when his "something you're happy about" comment was that he was happy about Alabama winning the National Championship game and his professor is a Notre Dame fan..hahaha..

Not the best way to start the semester but we will get through this together..one awkward moment at a time.

Hope everyone is having a great week..tomorrow I head to the doctor for my check up..WOO!

stay golden!
peace & love

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