Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I've heard distance makes the heart grow fonder..

so did it work?

lol sorry school, spring break, and my sweetheart (trying to keep the 's' trend lol) have kept me distracted!

lots & lots to talk about so where to begin!

Well! I went to see D for Spring Break & it was relaxing for the first part! Then my friend Ash came to visit so I was more focused on making sure she was having a good time then me & D.. (my bad)
but needless it say it was a blast! & I had my first brewery experience! It was AWESOME!! Also, I spent my first Easter away from my family but I got to spend it with a good substitute! Plus it was my first sunrise service on top of A MOUNTAIN at that! Let's just say my adventurous side came out this past week and it was so much fun!

In boring news.. 3 of the 4 people that have worked with my the longest are no longer going to be working :( one of them had their last night while I was there and I literally had to make him leave before I started crying (all my big brothers are gone)!!!!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!? ALL NEW PEOPLE EXCEPT ONE! AAHHHHHHAHAHAHAHHHHHHH!!!! (I'm freaking...can you tell?!)

Also, Mondays and Fridays in April I get to keep the cutest little baby ever! So that's exciting!

Anyway! I'm about to go hang with my mentee then chapter then school stuff but I wanted y'all to know I'm still here!

I'll leave you with pictures!

Me & Ash at the Brewery! 
Easter Sunday!

some of D's fam after the climb down the mountain
On top of the Mountain after the service!