Monday, January 14, 2013

rainy monday...

goodness.. I promise to be a better blogger at some point..but I am trying to finish Season 6 of Gossip my time is consumed..but don't you worry none.. I am taking notes :)

lately life's been the same..
my friend Layken  calls her boyfriend "B" because that's the letter his name starts with so I'm thinking I will call Dustin "D" from now think it's cute (and doesn't take as long to type)

so anyway..right now D and I are trying to figure out how this long distance thing is going to work..
seeing each other once a month should be fine..but I'm afraid that is not going to be enough (especially with this cold weather right now! I need to snuggle!) We are hoping we only go 2-3 weeks without seeing each other & I have requested that we talk on the phone AT LEAST once a day.. skype would be ideal but D has yet to download it.. (guess I should bring that up later)!

My roommate & I are on a new health kick.. ("R" is going to be her letter..) We went grocery shopping today for an HOUR...goodness me.. and spent a little less $100 each (why is health food so expensive!?) but I am going to keep y'all updated on that too.. (I get cranky without my chips & chicken fingers!!) I am also hitting the gym again (3 times a week for now)

Why the new health kick? New Years Resolution? No no.. I am headed to see D in TWO VERY LONG WEEKS for his 24th birthday and I want to look fabulous!

So I won't admit it to him..but he is my inspiration to get it together & get in shape.. and now every time I want to go eat a whole bag of bbq chips I am going to blog & distract myself.


stay golden!
peace & love

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