Wednesday, January 16, 2013

busy little bee..

soo.. today was not that bad..
other than the fact that I had to visit the doctor today...and not my family doctor..
no worries everyone "everything looks great" lol..awkward.
& my mentoring meeting taking an hour & a half
& the fact that things are changing left & right in my sorority and although I am one for makes my head spin.

In other news I have made plans with my basically life long friend Jessie this Friday. As I like to think nothing like a spa day/ bar night to get me prepared for another visit to see D! Only 15 more days! HOLY HECK!

We also received news that it may SNOW tomorrow! Only down side to that is if classes get cancelled so does our date party (that I'm flying solo to btw).

I did however make it to the gym & felt great until I got home & I was STARVING!
R and I have decided that we are going to seriously reward ourselves if we make it two weeks! (what's one night of splurge?!)'s to me going to read & hoping the roads don't freeze over so I can make it to work Friday!

stay golden!
peace & love

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