Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun Friday!

what's up y'all?!

I started off my morning with a nice little jog around the neighborhood with my favorite running bud Bear!
Then I went and got my haircut! I'm only posting a picture on here because I know D can't find it and I want it to be a surprise for his birthday!
My stylist and I literally talked about shoes for 30 minutes so I obviously had to go shopping after my new trim! I found the PERFECT denim shirt & two pairs of smoker slippers (all for $50)!!! I'm obsessed and now I have the ideal traveling outfit to go see D so I won't look grungy on his actual birthday (Thursday).

I also got to hang with my ladies tonight..
we sang t-swift, ate ice cream & popcorn..then watched a little of Brave!! (the perks of babysitting)

In other news my little sister, M, is turning 16 on MONDAY! Where did the time go?! I literally think I am going to cry.

Anyway that's all for now..working all day tomorrow so I'll need my beauty rest ;) hope y'all had a successful Friday too!!

peace & love

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