Sunday, November 4, 2012


I happy to report that I am back in my college town..
I am also happy to report that Alabama beat LSU

the cutest thing happened after the game.. my pawpaw called my mom while we were all screaming and celebrating.. so when I answered I was screaming and I realized he was all choked up (emotional)..
he was so cute.. he told me that he was back in my Memaws room 
(who is only with us physically unless she is saying my name to the hospice nurses)  
but he was back there in her room watching the game..holding her hand..telling her we would win it
we would make it..we would beat them..

there were 5 things my Memaw loved more than life itself
1. God 2. Her Family 3. Alabama Football 4. Atlanta Braves 5. Sunflowers

I loved that story..just because of what has happened to my family this past week.
I have been so blessed.

I talked to my Grandma Friday night on the phone.. she sounded a little better..but it made me made my dad emotional too..
However, after talking to my dad on the phone tonight while I was on the road back to school.. he called me once again to make sure I made it back safely.. 

Maybe this will bring us all back together..
God knows we need it.

peace & love

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