Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'll be missing you..

I received my first angel today.
My grandpa passed away last night in his sleep.. he was sitting in his chair.. as always.

That little lady in the picture, my Grandma, is the reason why I can't hold it together
everything she did was for him
what do you do when your everything is gone?

He was her first and only love.

I am happy to say through our ups and downs the last time I saw him was the best time.
He held my hand tightly and told me he was proud of all my accomplishments.

He had never said that to be before that moment.
I guess God knew.
He always does.

This is my first death to deal with so y'all bare with me.
It's not easy
and these emotions come in strong, almost tidal, waves.

As I have said many times before, be thankful.

I never expected to get that phone call this morning.
But I am thankful to be with my family now, and that I can keep a positive memory in my head about him.

And now I know I can talk to my Grandpa whenever.. I just have to ask for the big man upstairs ear and I know my Grandpa will be there standing beside him listening, watching, protecting all of us.

I love you Grandpa, and I am so glad you are finally peacefully resting with God..look out for us up there.. 

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