Sunday, May 6, 2012

Share Some Songs Sunday

well.. I just saw The Lucky One..cried like a baby and I have decided if I ever find someone willing to settle down with me..this will be our song for our photo montage..
(also I liked what Layken did with the whole these are the lyrics that stick out to me thing..
so I'm going to be a copy cat and do that for some of these..)
Brandi Carlile - "The Story"
"but these stories don't mean anything, if you've got no one to tell them to..
 it's true, I was made for you"
Eric Hutchinson - "Breakdown More"

A Fine Frenzy - "What I Wouldn't Do"
"Never learned to climb a tree but I would try, just to show you what I'd done. 
Oh what I wouldn't do.. If I had you babe.."

Eric Hutchinson - "Not There Yet"
"You've got to hit rock bottom if you want to come out on top.."

Brett Dennen - "The One Who Loves You The Most"
"when you forgive your imperfections.. and you look to see your true reflection.. 
you will be the one who loves you the most."

alright I'm stopping there.. sorry these are short but this cute little guy
wants to take a nap.. and I'm okay with that!

I'm going to the beach tomorrow!

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