Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm in a hurry to get things done...

I swear I think everyone is pulling me in every direction right now and I'm about to break
but maybe if I list everything out it will stop making me stressed and I hopefully can see the light at the end of this forever long tunnel
this week:
-ARH Modules 9 & 10
-History Paper on women during WWII (proof read)
-History Paper on England (write & proof read)
-Out of Class Assignment for Psychology
-Extra Credit for my History class
-Work Friday & Saturday
-Work Party Sunday @ My Bosses House

next week (dead week):
-ARH Module 11 & Test/Essay
-Make sure my History papers are A+ material
-Start studying for all my finals
-Work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.. all day.

last week of school:
Finals - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday
-Pick up Bear on Saturday! (best day ever!)

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