Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hump Day

so naturally instead of writing my 5 page paper I am blogging.
but I just wanted to say a few things...
1. This is my last week of classes before I am a SENIOR in college. ew.
2. I am 3 papers, 3 work days, & 5 test away from getting Bear (which means being done with school)
3. Tonight is my last free night of the semester.
4. I am ready for summer.

Also, I need to continue working on my New Years Resolution (surprisingly I have done a lot!) but there are a few I added after becoming single.. so I need to focus on those.. and my new dog on May 5th.

bring on the sunshine. bring on the concerts. bring on the money making.
Are you there summer? It's me, Anna.

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