Monday, March 5, 2012

What's love?

Since I have blessed myself with this time to sit back and think of things that make me happy, I also decided (while not paying attention in my psych class) that I need to figure out what LOVE is. What is love? Why is there such a BIG hype about it..?! Everyone has their own views on love so I need to figure out what love is in my eyes. So far I have come up with that there are different levels or maybe categories of love? Like you love your family differently than your dog, or maybe a significant other, but you also love your friends differently too... Ah! I may be on to something.. (maybe I was really paying attention in psych class and I didn't even know it). Anyway, in all this craziness this week I have decided that when I do day dream I need to think up what it is I want when I hear that word from that special someone.. and maybe who that special someone is supposed to be like? And this time I am not settling for ANYTHING other than the best.. because that is what EVERYONE deserves.. their very own prince charming! (Just gotta kiss a few frogs along the way) So until then! I'll be kissing frogs & making list.

Peace & Love

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