Sunday, July 1, 2012

Share Some Songs Sunday

haven't done this in a while.. haha here are some songs..
they apply to life right now.. 

Andy Grammer - "Keep Your Head Up"
"This is just a journey..drop all your are gonna turn out just fine"

Gary Allen - "Watching Airplanes"
"Trying to figure out which one you might be on.. & why you don't love me anymore" 
(the ex bought a plane... he's an official pilot..makes me think maybe I should have believed him more)

Eric Church - "Springsteen"
"When you think about me.. do you think about 17? Funny how a melody sounds like a memory.. like a soundtrack to a July Saturday night.."
(It's hard to NOT think about you & all those summers I thought we would settle down together if you keep trying to come back into my life when you have a "not real" girlfriend & a lot has changed since either one of us were 17)

sorry it's been a really weird time for me.. all things that I thought I could keep in the past showed up last week... 

well here's to the present and meeting new people that may make an influence on my future.

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